Fiamma and the flame that flies high

Fiamma begins with the word Flame, ends with the word Ash and presents the Fire element in each of its five chapters.

Fire represents the sun on earth: it is creation, regeneration and destruction. Fire brings flames, smoke, light, heat and ashes. Each of these elements can have both negative and positive implications: the flames can burn everything they encounter, but also give life and magic through their sparks; smoke can suffocate, but also throw signals; the light can blind, but also illuminate; the heat can be excessive, but also give comfort; the ash can represent the end of something, but also be a new beginning, like the ash from which the Phoenix rises or the one that our grandmothers used as natural fertilizer.

Tears are water, an element that is often opposed to fire, but with fire has in common the fact of being creation, regeneration and destruction, having both negative and positive implications. I have been moved several times writing this novel and I cried rereading it, but my tears have always been positive … they were cathartic tears, “good tears”, as I like to call them, “tears of joy”, as they are usually called.

My dear reader, I hope that my novel is for you fire and water, that it can burn your heart and drown your mind for a few hours. I wish you to immerse yourself in my words in the way you prefer: reading quickly or savoring every word slowly as you do with the most delicious dishes or good wines; running non-stop towards the end of each paragraph or going back on the phrases you liked the most. In any way you want to read my novel, however, close your eyes every so often, curl up in a world of your own and fly away. Lately we tend to fly too low: we have so much ballast on us and we are tied too much to material things. Perhaps we should learn to regain some of the folly of the mythical Icarus and not be too afraid to burn our wings … At least when we read and gather in ourselves we should not be afraid to fly too close to the Sun.

Enjoy your reading.

Dana Neri.

Posted on 12/12/2017

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