Dario Mura: a special kind of illustrator

Tales and legends help children grow, encouraging their imaginations to soar. An illustrator becomes a part of that fantastic journey, guiding and aiding the child.

We were very lucky to find Dario Mura: His particular view of a world – to some limited, but to those who know him all-embracing – has given Leonardo’s protagonists the playful innocence we so hoped for. The willow and the blackbird, the delicate privet and the haughty Cyprus tree, the greedy fire and the naughty spider come alive in his simple drawings.

This is Dario in his home, his comfort zone, among his many sheets of colourful paper and his numerous coloured pencils.

Unlike Leonardo’s conceited razor, Dario does not let his talent rust, but applies himself everyday with the help of a loving mother and a sharp imagination, because he knows, as we do too, that there is no limit to what one can do, even when many think otherwise.

Posted on 02/12/2018

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