Fiamma and the flame that flies high

Fiamma begins with the word Flame, ends with the word Ash and presents the Fire element in each of its five chapters. Fire represents the sun on earth: it is creation, regeneration and destruction. Fire brings flames, smoke, light, heat and ashes. Each of these elements can have both negative and positive implications: the flames […]

Posted on 12/12/2017

Our Fairy tales in pictograms and symbols

Many pre-school children experience difficulties in linguistic communication, and later also in reading. The complexity in decoding the written text is often a huge obstacle for them that can easily lead to frustration. Our collection of fairytales will be illustrated with the system of pictograms and symbols applied during the protocols of AAC (Augmentative and […]

Posted on 09/12/2017

The art of translation by Matilda Colarossi

“Translation, too, is – like making music or poetry, like painting a picture or sculpting a statue – the effort and yearning to conquer and possess one’s own reality.” Manara Valgimigli  The art of translation is, as Valgimigli states, exactly like making music or poetry, like painting or sculpting. It is virtuosity and skill and […]

Posted on 08/12/2017

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About Us

MutatuM Publishing was born in London, England, in September 2017. The name is a palindrome that calls to mind Symmetry and Mutation, two elements that characterise our logo, and our publishing house. The butterfly made up of two open winged-books and a pen-like body is the symbol of the union between the present and the […]

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