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  • Matilda Colarossi

    Matilda Colarossi is a literary translator and teacher based in the green Mugello countryside just north of Florence.

    She was born in Italy but grew up in Canada where she received her degree in Drama and Italian literature. The two worlds, Canada and Italy, the two languages, English and Italian, became completely familiar to her only in her mid-twenties, when she moved to Florence, but she has always strived to share those worlds. Teaching and translating has made this possible: as an ESL teacher for over thirty years, she has been introducing children and adults of all ages to English; and as a translator for almost twenty years, she has been sharing Italian literature with English speakers.

    Of her Canadian upbringing, what is most dear to her is the memory of the libraries with their silent corners, their caring librarians, and their rows and rows of books. She has worked all her life to share her love of books with others.

    Her translations include the y/a novel Fiamma by Dana Neri (MutatuM Publishing, 2018); the short story Future perfect, by Paolo Zardi (Asymptote); the book Lettere ai maestri by Daniele Rossi , (Ed. Poligrafico Fiorentino, 2017); an excerpt from ‘In conformance with glory’ by Demetrio Paolin (Ilanot Review); poems from the collection ‘solo andata’ by Erri De Luca (Sakura Review); excerpts by Alessandro Cinquegrani and Susanna Basso (Asymptote Cinquegrani and Asymptote Basso); a number of short stories and excerpts, both fiction and non-fiction, in Lunch Ticket Org. and a collection of poems on Poetry International.

    She dedicates much of her time to translating the authors she loves on her blog paralleltexts.

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