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    Dario is a twenty-seven year old illustrator from the beautiful island of Sardinia, in Italy. Dario is an inspiration to those around him and to whomever may think they cannot pursue their dreams for whatever reason. So much has been said about the “limits” that frailties pose, but we at MutatuM know that this is absolutely false. The difficulties he encountered in his life have not influenced who he is, his sensitivity and his being.

    This special illustrator has no tags pinned to him, to his name, to his person, nor to his art. He is just Dario!

    He attended a school for the arts and has always had a passion for creating illustrations and cartoons. He has participated in numerous competitions in and outside the region.

    Dario loves the theatre and takes part in various theatrical laboratories.

    He has collaborated in the production of two children’s books with the writer Margherita Pellegrini:

    L’Arrumbulacacca, Giampaolo Cirronis Editore

    Il Pirata Sterzoadestra, Pettirosso Editore

    His illustrations of Leonardo da Vinci’s tales are the product of his very fervid imagination, and although they were created under the guidance of his mother, they have captured the essence of Leonardo’s tales in every way.

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