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  • Dana Neri

    Dana Neri was born in a town near Rome on a cold, sunny morning at the end of December. She lives in London, in a small maisonette overlooking a canal with sinuous swans and dazzling ducks.

    She has worked as freelance journalist, editor, translator and writer. Winner of numerous national and international literary competitions, she has published poems and short stories, as well as the essay Palinsesti Woolfiani (Edizioni Il Foglio, 2012).

    She loves the colours of autumn, the fragrances of spring, the scent of cinnamon and a glass of red wine slowly sipped. She writes mostly in the evening, or at night, whenever she can carve some time out for herself, away from the hectic world, in the light of a candle, and with piano music in the background. As stated in a recent interview, for Dana, a day without writing is a day wasted.

    She is nicknamed “the rainbow writer”, because she loves to dress in the colours of the rainbow, one colour for each day of the week. She is especially interested in playing with words, symmetry, dates, and palindromes.

    Fiamma is her first novel.

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